Various pumps suitable for AC 60Hz Electrical Input Shipped to Philippines

Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) accredits All Pumps Sales and Service (All Pumps) for their FRP Sewage Pumping Stations and Emergency Storage Tanks Issue...

The Problem With the successful delivery of a previous project, our client requested All Pumps to supply the remaining pressure booster systems for the mining...

With 300 people moving into the camp 9 days from the date of the pump station's order, there really was no time to lose!

allpumps pressure booster mining camp

All-pumps provided a custom-built pressure booster system for a mining village's portable water solution

Despite the difficulty in the client's requirements, All Pumps was able to deliver packaged pumping stations on short notice. All Pumps in Australia largest stockist & suppliers of packaged pumping stations. With over 30 years experience, we are Australia's first choice supplier. The volumes we supply also ensure our prices are economical.