A packaging product manufacturer's Viking gear pump had failed to continuous operation and they need a starch pump urgently.

A packaging product manufacturer needed a starch pump urgently. Their Viking gear pump had failed to continuous operation.

All Pumps, due to a large stockholding, was able to get them a Tuthill gear pump mounted up in a matters of days. It would have taken other suppliers weeks, if not months, to supply and deliver the gear pump. Even better – the Tuthill Pumps can bolt in directly in replacement of Viking Pumps so swapping is even quicker without any pipe work changes!

Tuthill manufactures a range of highly engineered pumps for the chemical, oil and process industries. Manufactured in the United States from high quality materials, Tuthill has a solid reputation for great performance amongst difficult fluid transfer applications. Tuthill products include AC/DC fuel transfer pumps, diaphragm pumps, hand pumps, flow meters, accessories and more.

Tuthill gear pumps range: