As these pumps are mounted on CIP proof trolleys, they are easily portable and extremely durable. Perfect for pharmaceutical applications!

Wilden P4 stainless AODD pump

All Pumps supplied a set of P4 Wilden stainless pumps mounted on trolleys with custom control systems that included air operated timers for timed transfers and automation. As these pumps are installed on CIP proof trolleys, they are easily portable and durable.

All documentation was provided for materials and quality certification. The customer has been using this method for over 5 years and finds the pumps to be very reliable and extremely easy to operate.

Wilden also provide a higher grade pharmaceutical pump which is approved to EHEDG and 3A standards. All Pumps have sold many of these pumps for industrial food and pharmaceutical applications.


About Wilden Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Wilden has been manufacturing Air Operated Diaphragm (AOD) pumps since 1955 and is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Wilden diaphragm pumps successfully deliver a broad range of flow rates and outlet pressures ideal for pumping in the mining and construction industries yet versatile enough for many others. Know More