Wilden PX800 Kynar PVDF pumps are mounted onto custom-designed trolleys to overcome safety concerns.

Wilden PX800 customised pumps

When transferring products, portability and chemical compatibility are often hard to achieve safely, especially combined with the factor of a Zone 1, Class 1 rated area.

These factors pose as challenges when All Pumps was required to assemble portable transfer pumps that were rated for the explosive area and a vast range of chemicals.

In order to overcome these restrictions, Wilden PX800 Kynar PVDF pumps are mounted onto custom designed trolleys. They are suitable for a large range of chemicals, and being pneumatically operated, they are suitable for environments at risk of explosion.

Customer is very satisfied with the products and the short lead time it takes for the customised AOD pumps to be supplied.

All Pumps also supply Wilden spare parts. We also have loads of videos & manuals on our website.