Water trucks are commonly used in mining applications and carry a large volume of water, making refilling a challenge.

diesel transfer pumpset water truck

Water trucks are commonly used in mining applications, primarily for dust control. These water trucks usually consist of a series of spray nozzles equipped with the mechanics to pump and spray water to remove overburden or to hydrate mines when they become dry.

These trucks are capable of carrying a large volume of water and refilling them can be challenging at mines, due to their sizes.

diesel transfer pumpset water truck filling

Water truck filling

All Pumps was approached by an iron ore mine to provide solution for a complete pumpset for their water truck fill point. This customised pumpset needs to pump 100 litres per second of water to an 8.5 metres standpipe.

We customised and supplied a diesel driven transfer pumpset, complete with remote starters for the truck drivers, hoses, valve sets, and flow meters. The pumpset will pump water out of a tank farm into water trucks.