Drum unloaders reduce time, cost and employee's injury risk. A regular drum unloading takes only about 5 minute!

saniforce drum unloader tomato paste

A lot of food and personal care processing facilities hire staff to manually scoop out product from a drum. Some even clamp the drum, raise it and then dump the product directly into a kettle.

After this initial process, they will spray water to remove the residual material from the bottom and sides of the drum.

These processes are OH&S nightmares and can be hazardous due to potential employee injury and food safety.

Installing a drum unloading system can help prevent both of these issues within a processing facility.

Drum unloaders save processors time and money

It usually take over 30 minute to manually scoop or to clamp up a drum and dump it into the kettle and then spray out the residual with water.

A drum unloader takes about 5 minute.

In additional, the manual processes will introduce water to the material and the water needs to be removed at a later part. As a result, more time and money are needed to remove the contaminants from the product.

SaniForce Drum Unloader Animation


Reduce the amount of residual product left behind

A high-performing drum unloader with an inflatable wiper seal will leave behind less than 1 percent residual product. This contributes to overall cost-saving.

A safer & cleaner workplace

Think about the potential of contamination when people are leaning over drums and manually scooping the product. Open drum also expose the product to airborne bacteria, something a drum unloading system can easily eliminate.

Having a drum unloader in place also reduce employee’s injury risk and improve plant personnel safety.

Our recent project

All Pumps customised and supplied a mobile Graco Saniforce drum unloading system with protection barriers and piping for a food processing plant in Australia.

The drum unloading system was able to be washed according to sanitary standards with the pump being FDA and 3A approved. Beside being a great solution for unloading multiple drums, it also reduce time, cost and employee’s injury risk.

Factory Acceptance Test and related documentation was also provided to the customer.

A Saniforce drum unloader is capable of unloading a regular tomato paste drum in 4 minute, with diluting the material.

It can unload medium to high viscosity products, up to 500,000 cps, from 55-gallon containers.

SaniForce Drum Unloader Unloading Tomato Paste