Helping Australia’s largest and first fully-integrated convention with its fluid handling.

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Built on the footprint of the former Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, the brand new International Convention Centre at Sydney’s Darling Harbour is a $1.1 billion development delivered by the NSW Government.

The key facilities in Darling Harbour Live are:

  • The International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney)
  • The ICC Exhibition
  • The ICC Theatre
  • The ICC Sydney Hotel

The new precinct will have the biggest total meeting room space in Australia at 8,000 sqm across more than 40 rooms, linked to both convention and exhibition areas.

About ICC Sydney

darling harbour live sections

The International Convention Centre will consist of 3 sections: Conventions, Exhibitions and Theatre.

Key features

  • Convention facilities
    Convention centre facilities will be capable of holding three fully separated, self-sufficient, concurrent events. 2,500 delegate tiered plenary theatre; 1,000 delegate tiered plenary theatre; 800 delegate flat floor plenary area.
  • Ultramodern theatre
    A premier tiered theatre with a capacity of 8,000 suitable for major convention plenary sessions and entertainment acts. Can be scaled to seat 6,000, 5,000 or 3,500 people.
  • Exhibition capacity
    A total exhibition capacity of 35,000sqm.
  • Meeting room space
    8,000sqm of total meeting room space across 70 rooms.
  • Access and parking
    8 km from Sydney airport and 1,200 public car parking spaces.

icc sydney exhibitions render

ICC Sydney Exhibitions

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ICC Sydney Theatre

Our Solutions

We supplied a Grundfos pressure boosting system which has hygienic designed 316 SS manifolds.

It will be used to supply cold/hot water, drain rain water and pumping sewer to its destined place.


  • Reliable and highly efficient
  • Service-friendly
  • Space-saving
  • Low-flow detection
  • Application-optimized software
  • BUS and Ethernet communication option
  • Hygienic designed 316 SS manifolds
  • User friendly advanced control interface

grundfos pressure boosting pump system

Grundfos pressure booster