All Pumps Environmental Projects team were selected by a major contractor in South Australia to deliver two new odour control units to remove foul air from South Australia’s sewage networks.

odour control system for south australia feature

The objective of this project was to address the odour complaints coming from nearby residents, and after a detailed options study, it was decided to construct two facilities at either end of a main trunk section, spanning the entire length of a road in Suburban South Australia.

The odour control system was required to provide treatment for 2000m3/hr of foul air containing 500ppm of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and other harmful gases (VOCs and RSCs), with peak concentrations of H2S of up to 1000ppm.

All Pumps Environmental projects team were required to guarantee 99.5% removal of the H2S gas, and therefore selected a system containing a Biotricking Filter, Biofilter, and Activated Carbon Filter to ensure total removal of odours.

With our extensive experience in FRP manufacturing, and process know-how backed by our partner BIOREM Technologies, All Pumps were able to meet the delivery expectations of the client and the performance requirements of the project. The success of the project was further enhanced by our relationship with key preferred contractor in South Australia.

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