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Building & Plumbing

city of townsville fire system banner

As a way of keeping their staff safe from threats of fire, Townsville City Council went looking for a way to increase their office's fire fighting capabilities.
University Fire Hydrant Systems

With a continuously growing population, Australia's largest regional university needed a long-lasting way to ensure the safety of its students...
Crown Sydney in Barangaroos

With the approval of Crown Sydney's construction, All Pump's supplied the construction company with specialized pumps necessary for the pre-construction groundwork.
linfox fire hydrant system

Built to AS2941-2013 standard, the fire hydrant system also include a control panel and fully tested prior to delivery on-site.
deep well fire hydrant system

During emergency situations, the pump will use the water stored underground, rather than the usual water supplies. They're designed to operate in wells, sumps or offshore.
golf course sub pumps installation

The pump station will recirculate water within a golf course in Sydney and divert excess water to a holding dam in the event of storms.