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Positive Deplacement Advantage in Chemical Transfer

Positive displacement (PD) pump technologies, most notably the sliding vane and eccentric disc varieties, can counteract the supposed advantages offered by centrifugal pumps.

Wilden Paint and Coatings

Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps were first introduced to the market over 60 years ago and they created a whole new industry! They...

All inspectors and management were very impressed with its automatic operation and gave All Pumps a huge tick of approval.

hydrant pump

All Pumps worked closely with the customer to provide 2 sprinkler pumps and 1 hydrant pump, which were fitted with diesel engines and coupled to ISO-certified centrifugal pumps.


A simple, basic comparison of two of the most used pump types in the world!


The AODD pumps have often been likened to LEGO; with almost any configuration been available in any material.