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wilden p4 metal pump on ute

Powered only by compressed air, the Wilden AOD pumps are extremely versatile and able to perform well under different environments.
Aluminium Wilden AODD pumps

Not only is it difficult to get equipment into tunnels, the underground environment can also be dangerous due to the existence of flammable gases.
Graco Husky 2200 poly pump

Graco Husky pumps have higher flowrate (lesser unloading time), more robust design and better efficiency (lesser energy) than any product on the market.
Wilden T20 cast iron pumps

For easy transport around the mine, these Wilden 3 inch pumps were mounted on roll frames.
Chimigraf paint machine

For many years, Chimigraf was using gear pumps for the transfer of raw materials but was beginning to experience unacceptable levels of fluid leaks, maintenance costs and downtime, as well as a loss of operational efficiency.
Wilden PX800 customised pumps

Wilden PX800 Kynar PVDF pumps are mounted onto custom designed trolleys to overcome safety concerns.